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Our Sausage

Authentic Italian Gourmet Sausage 

We’ve been asked about that statement and what it means. Our reply is rather simple. Many people make Italian sausage but not everyone has the authentic old-world roots as we do.  Ours is an authentic old-world recipe, first developed in Italy, and brought to the United States by our grandfather in 1909. And the sausage has been continuously produced by an unbroken line of genuine Italians.

We refer to our sausage as gourmet because it tends to be very lean with less fat content than many others. We like to say that sometimes the eye test is the best indicator. Eyeballing our sausage versus some of the others, one can clearly see that ours has less fat than many others.


And finally, our sausage is natural in color. We don’t use any orange or other colored dyes to mask the fat content. We use all natural ingredients with no fillers. That combination helps to make our sausage gluten free.

At present, we offer three types of sausage: sweet, hot, and mild hot (which has approximately 60% of the potency of the traditional hot).

All of our sausage is available in rope, links and loose.

Original Italian Sausage Up Close - Pugliese Brothers
Mild Hot Rope Sausage - Pugliese Brothers
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