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For Easter


Here is a complete list of the Isgro's products that will be available for Easter:


  • Easter Bread Braids which are a traditional Italian sweet bread

  • Easter Bread Wreath with a single egg

  • Easter Bread Wreath with 4 eggs

  • 7" Deep Dish Pastera

  • 9" Deep Dish Pastera

  • 8" Ricotta Pie with Lemon Zest

  • 10" Ricotta Pie with Lemon Zest

  • 2 pound Ham Pie

  • Coconut Bunny Cake

  • Peep cupcakes

  • Easter Basket cupcake

  • Coconut Cream Eggs (1/2 pound minimum)

  • Easter Egg Cake - 3 sizes (Small, Medium or Large)

  • Hot Cross Buns (Pack of 6)


  • Biscotti (Anise, Butter Pecan, Chocolate Chip, Espresso, Fruit & Nut, Mixed box with any combination of the 5 flavors)


  • Cookies (Almond Dream, Butter, Butter Walnut, Chocolate Chip, Coconut Macaroon, Rainbow, Ricotta, Pignoli)


ALL Biscotti and cookies are sold in 1/2 pound increments (1/2, 1, 1&1/2, 2, etc.)


  • Cannoli - yes, we are offering cannoli! Two sizes - large & mini.


The large cannoli are sold in increments of six (6, 12, 18, 24, etc.), and the mini cannoli are sold in increments of 12. There are three fillings. Ricotta cheese (the most popular) and vanilla and chocolate. The filling for the large cannoli is packaged to handle 6 shells which is why the cannoli are sold in increments of six. And the filling for the minis is packaged to handle 12. Therefore, you cannot order 6 cannoli with a mixture of fillings such as 3 with ricotta and 3 with chocolate. That won’t work. If you want multiple fillings, then you need to order six cannoli for each filling. 


Also, in regard to the cannoli, please note that they will not be filled at the bakery or by us. The filling will be separate and done by you. The shells will keep for up to 2-3 weeks if stored properly and the filling will keep for the same amount of time in the refrigerator. You can fill the shells as needed. In that way, they will be fresh. 


Call the shop for pricing and to place an order. The deadline for orders is Friday, March 22.

Due to the perishable nature of these products, we will be taking pre-orders only - deadline March 22. Products will be received fresh on Friday, March 29. Orders will be available for pickup Friday, March 29, beginning at 1:00, and on Saturday, March 30, during our normal business hours.

Here are some photos of

Isgro's products:

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