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Our Products

Authentic Italian Gourmet  Products 

We continue to expand our selections.  We currently offer the following:


(a)    Four brands of pasta – LaFabbrica from Naples, Panarese from Tuscany, Claudio’s from southern Italy, and DeCecco from the Abruzze region of Italy.  Included among those four brands are 32 different shapes and sizes.  We also have two shapes that are Gluten Free and one organic.


(b)    Two brands of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  


(c)     Eight types of olives.


(d)    Cheeses in chunks (Pecorino Romano, Locatelli, Reggiano Parmigiano all suitable for grating) and Asiago.


(e)    Two cheeses already grated (Pecorino Romano, Locatelli).


(f)      Provolone – Extra sharp in chunks and mild in a ball.


(g)     Bufala Mozzarella.


(h)     Scamorza Cheese.     


(i)      Artichokes, anchovies, California figs.


(j)     Canned Italian tomatoes.


(k)    Fresh bread from Philadelphia (available on certain days).


(l)     Red Wine Vinegar.

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